It Becomes a Brand New Classic

"Yeah gravity is all around.
Gravity get up or gravity get down.
Some heads wanna escape but don`t try,
you contempt to get fly but you can`t defy.
And just when you thought you strayed far away, here comes gravity to save the day. " - Intro by Mos Def.

I say things that get me in trouble, so just ask me a question instead, haha.




Instagram cutouts with colorful cellophane filters have been found affixed to lampposts and walls all around popular London tourist spots - left there by Brazilian Artist, Bruno Riberio (aka. Nitchows).

Nitchow’s project, Real Life Instagram offers us two very unique viewpoints - most of us spend more time looking down at our phones and capturing special moments through the lens instead of soaking it in the old fashioned way, life where we are constantly tethered to our phones.  

On the other hand, Instagram does give us a way to stay in touch with the world, teaching us to become more observant, to pay attention to details. It’s even turned some into amateur photographers.

But where do we draw the line? When do we let real life takeover? Nitchow is hoping that his Insta Instagrams will give people pause - make them take notice of the places and neighborhood the cutouts are highlighting. It’s great to be able to use Instagram as a vehicle to connect and share but how about we put those phones down for a second and enjoy the moment.

*photos courtesy on Nitchow